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About Shape House

Shape House is the newest incarnation of a sweat tradition that goes back millennia. Here, however, the sweating is decidedly modern, using far infrared body wraps delivered through a sleeping bag-like blanket. This heat penetrates the skin and moves deeper into the body than a traditional sauna resulting in profuse sweating as the heat begins to warm the body from the inside-out. The end-result is a detoxifying cardio experience that will leave you blissfully relaxed yet invigorated while priming your body towards any weight loss goals you may be undertaking.

While one of its primary focuses, weight loss isn’t the only benefit of a far infrared session. Owner Taylor Boles explains that many guests experience a host of additional benefits including clearer, brighter, glowing skin, profoundly deep and restful sleep, elevated mood, increased energy, and a reduction in the negative effects of daily stress. Athletes can expect to experience accelerated recovery times, increased cardio endurance, and heightened muscular output and development. With regular use you will also see increased adaptation to environmental heat (mitigating harmful outdoor heat-stress effects), reduction in the length and overall impact of jet lag, and general improvement in overall wellbeing, to name a few. Shape House has even attracted a list of celebrity clients, who espouse the treatment’s detoxification effects.

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